European Defence Fund 2021-2027

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The European Defence Fund encourages and facilitates collaborative, cross-border research and development within the defense sector. It aims to bolster the EU's technological advantage, enhance capabilities crucial for the Union's strategic autonomy and resilience, and safeguard its citizens and Member States.


In tandem with and enhancing Member States' endeavors, the Fund encourages collaboration among companies and research entities across various sizes and geographical locations within the Union. This collaboration focuses on advancing cutting-edge and interoperable defense technology and equipment through research and development. The Fund aids competitive, collaborative projects across the entire research and development cycle to impact European defense capability and industry significantly.

It actively promotes the involvement of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in collaborative initiatives and nurtures revolutionary innovative solutions.

Annual Work Programmes

Calls for proposals

Calls for proposals are launched on an annual basis following the adoption of the corresponding annual work program, implemented directly by the Commission.

The EDF annual work programs are defined in close cooperation with Member States representatives within the EDF Programme Committee, including the involvement of the European Defence Agency (EDA) and the European External Action Service (EEAS). Identified priorities are aiming at contributing to the security and defence interests of the Union, in line with defence capability priorities agreed upon by Member States within the framework of the Common Security and Defence Policy (CSDP) and particularly in the context of the Capability Development Plan (CDP), and taking into account, where appropriate, regional priorities and priorities from and international organizations (NATO).

The categories of actions structuring the annual work programs have been designed to cover all military domains and key enabling technologies. Funded projects should enable the European Commission to respond to the needs of Member States while targeting critical capabilities that are essential for the future.

All the EDF Call for Proposals are linked here.

EDF National Focal Points (NFPs)

The National Focal Points are individuals nominated and supported by EU Member States, and Norway. Working closely, NFPs support the implementation of the European Defence Fund, reaching out to stakeholders (notably applicants and potential applicants), providing information and advice to potential applicants and beneficiaries of the EDF program, and assisting in building partnerships, throughout the EDF life cycle. National NFPs are listed in the following link.

EDF Budget


14 Nov 2023
Affari marittimi, Energia, Farmaceutico, Ict, Industria, Sanità, Servizi
€ 8 000 000 000
Ammodernamento, Cooperazione, Digitalizzazione, Formazione, Innovazione, Miglioramento competitività, Ricerca, Sicurezza, Sviluppo, Tutela ambientale
Ubicazione Investimento
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